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When it comes to dating Russian Women there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. Often American men will think that you can date a Russian girl without having to get to know their customs, and while that is the case sometimes, it isn't always.

Many Russian Women, especially the ones featured here on Russian Desire, are much more sophisticated, feminine and yes sexual, than your typical American woman. In fact, dating hot Russian girls usually results in you getting laid more than if you had been courting the average midwestern girl next door. This is because Russian Women are freer when it comes to their sexuality.

Dating Russian Women results in you being happier and more satisfied, but it comes with a cost. Russian women LOVE to party, so if you are getting ready to date a Russian woman you are going to need to save up on your sleep.

Trust me, get a LOT of sleep now, because pretty soon you will be far relax ;)

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